When A Woman Says.......

8 Apr 2014

I know some guys out there are having a hard time to understand women. I agree to some extend that women can be complicated sometimes. But hey, if you really love your woman, you could be able to read her like the back of your hand! Hehehe. Anyway, let's go through of some things that women says that actually means something else :

  1.  When a woman says, "I'm okay", believe me that she's not okay. Ask her what's wrong, and try to LISTEN.
  2. When a woman says, "I'm bored, but I don't feel the need to go out.." if she said this, ask her out, you fool! She gave you a hint!
  3. When a woman says, "I'm fine, don't worry about me.." She's not fine and you should be worried!
  4. When a woman says, "I'm done with you!!" Believe me when I say, she's not done with you just yet.. She just wants you to fight for her. Tell her that you love her and ask her to stay. That will melt her heart!
  5. When a woman says, "That girl is pretty, isn't she?" Don't agree with her!! Just tell her that she's prettier than any girls that you knew or saw. Hihi.
  6. When a woman says, "Wow that dress is beautiful, maybe I'll buy it next month." Trust me, that's another hint that you should be alert of! Well, you gotta shower her with gifts once in a while. Tak salah pun kan :)
  7. When a woman says, "I hate you!" Don't believe her. It's that time of the month again. Again, ask her what's wrong.
  8. When a woman says, "It's nothing..." Trust me, it is everything. Don't simply "okay" her. She won't like it.
  9. When a woman says, "Ohh okay." You should re-think what you have said to her that made her replied like that.Yes, you're in danger!!
  10. When a woman says, "Hmmm I'm hungry.." That means she wants you to say, "Sayang, let's grab a bite, i'll pick you up later."  
But when a woman says, "I love you.", that means you're doing something right.. She's in that moment, that moment when she feels the warmth in her heart and wants to tell you. Don't just say I love you too. That will spoil her mood. Say something more la! Hehehe. Put an extra effort into it, will you?

Women aren't that complicated. The truth is, we just need your love, affection and attention. Attention is key. We would appreciate it if you could give some of your time to us, we don't ask much, really.. The truth is, if you really do love someone like you said you are, i think you won't be facing any problems in giving her the time that she needs. You just gotta understand her, even though she is hard to understand. 

It's all about efforts, ya know.. Put some efforts into the relationship, I mean, if you really wants it. Macam pepatah Melayu cakap, "Hendak seribu daya, tak hendak seribu dalih." Just please don't make us wait for you, make us assume the worst of you, make us have high hopes and expectations of you.. Coz it's tiring to do so..

Don't stop pursuing her, don't stop chasing after her, even after you got her. I will say this again, when a woman says she loves you, she really means it!!

Other Ways to say "I Love You."

30 Mar 2014

It's not how many times you say "I love you" to the person that you love, but it's how you show it to them that matters more :)

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