19 May 2014

The word uncertainty itself symbolizes fear in oneself about something that matters to him/her. What does fear has to do with uncertainty? Let me explain. If you're uncertain about something, what would you do? Some might say they will follow their hearts, and hope for the best. Others might say, they will pray and ask for His guidance, and with His will, they will make the right choice. To me, the latter wins. But do they know the fact that what we want in life can't be achieved if we didn't put any efforts into it? God asks us to struggle to get what we want in life. He won't give the life that we want if we didn't do anything about it.

Okay, let's say if we do something to get what we want, how sure are you that you're gonna get the result that you wanted? The feeling of not knowing is frightening, don't you think? Uncertainty = Fear. Not knowing whether the road that you choose is the right one or not. Not knowing if the path that you're walking on is the correct one or otherwise.. Come to think of it, life is a gamble. Put all you got on the table, you might lose it all, OR you might win. Big time. You choose.
I've always believe that life is all about making the right choices. Asking your heart to do so requires a lot of strength. Do you wanna know why? Your heart constantly battling with your mind. Most of the time, your mind doesn't agree to what your heart says, and vice versa. The question still remains : which one should you follow? Follow your heart or follow your mind?

The more you think about it, the more it will complicate things. When it comes to uncertainty, most people will hold on to their religions and beliefs, and rely on them completely, and hoping that the solution will come to them later on... But for me, life doesn't wait for anyone. Choices and decisions can't be made without any agreement from the heart and mind. You have to stand up for yourself, and what you believe in, and fight for it. If you're unhappy with your life, do something about it. Don't wait for someone else to change it for you. Your life is your choices, and your decisions. Remember that.

Ask yourself,
  "Are you making the right choices in your life right now? How certain are you?"


28 Apr 2014

First of all, let me ask you this question : "What freedom means to you?" Some people might say freedom is when you can do whatever you want, and no one can stop you. Other people would say freedom is when you're independent, and you're able to live on your own without someone else bugs you. If you ask me, freedom is beyond that.

Freedom is when you can be yourself, without other people judging you. 
Freedom is when you can voice out how you feel, without having to let your feelings bottled up inside.
Freedom is when you feel free when you do something you like, as long as you know your limits.
Freedom is when the people you love trusts you, have no doubts in you, and let you be whatever your heart desires.
Freedom is when the people you love let you decides what you want to do in your life, and supports you for it.

You see, freedom is not just doing whatever you want without a care in the world, but it is something that you gotta have for yourself. Your inner self must have the freedom, so that it shines through your face, and it shows through your behaviors and attitudes. It is something you must gain for yourself. Freedom is an individual right, and no one can denies this. 

But yeah, some people are reluctant to give the freedom that the person they love wants. Fear? Yes... You can say that.. But like i said, freedom is something that you must gain for yourself. As long as you know your limits, there's not going to be any problems.

It's something like a bird leaving its cage in the morning, and comes back into its cage later in the evening. It knows where it lives, where it comes from and how to get back home. Same goes to us. You have to know where do you come from, where your home is, and what is your true self. Trust me, if you have this kind of perspective in you, you will have the freedom that you want. Not just physically, but spiritually as well. :)


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